Tuesday, June 24, 2008

5/15/08 - Dave & Christine in London

Dave Bielanko & Christine Smith wrap up their European tour in support of Jesse Malin in London on May 15, 2008. Here's four videos from their set.

"Formula Cola, Dollar Draft"

"Roundeye Blues"

"Can't Take It With You"

"Where the Dark Horses Go" & "Lullaby of London"

You can download the audio of the full set here:


4/05/08 - Els Hostalets de Balenya, Spain

The final night of the Angels of Destruction! European Tour at Rockodrom in Els Hostalets de Balenya, Spain on April 5, 2008. Some nice footage from Paul Murphy here on a tripod from the back of the venue. Thanks for the great stuff here and all around Europe on this tour, Paul.

"Coughing Up Blood"



"City of Dreams"

"Angels on a Passing Train"

"The Dishwasher's Dream"


Marah 2008 @ Balenya – Body from Paul Murff on Vimeo.

3/27/08 - Zagreb, Croatia

Some very cool black & white footage of Marah performing ""Walt Whitman Bridge" and "Santos De Madeira" at Galerija in Zagreb, Croatia on March 27, 2008

"Walt Whitman Bridge"

After the end of "Round Eye Blues" and some talk... "Santos De Madeira"

TV Appearance in Spain - March 2008

Marah performed a five song set on Spanish tv. The program is "LoS CoNCieRToS De RaDio 3"... one of my old favorites.

"Coughing Up Blood"

"City of Dreams"

"Angels on a Passing Train"

"Can't Take It With You"


3/01/08 - Barcelona, Spain - Full Show

Here's one long clip of the first set, followed by three songs in the encore by Marah in Barcelona, Spain on March 1, 2008

Marah 2008 @ Barcelona from Paul Murff on Vimeo.


"Sooner or Later"

"The Closer"

"New York, New York"

3/31/08 - Camden, England

Some cool footage from WeirdCritter of Marah performing at Dingwall's in Camden on March 31, 2008.


"Roundeye Blues"


2/27/08 - Madrid, Spain

Some nice footage that PaulMurff filmed from the balcony in Madrid on February 27, 2008. I love the shot of Serge in the crowd during "Dishwasher's Dream."

"The Dishwasher's Dream" and "Roundeye Blues"

"City of Dreams" and "Santos De Madeira"

"Point Breeze," "Angels of Destruction," and "Wilderness"

Encore: "Sooner or Later," "Closer," and "NY, NY"