Monday, February 26, 2007

"Dishwasher's Dream" from Rockaplast

From the Rockpalast Festival in Germany, October 18, 2006. One of the my favorite songs here.

"Tyrone" at the Bowery Ballroom

"It's Only Money, Tyrone" at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City on June 6, 2006.

An Interview with a Dave

An interview w/ Dave Bielanko, co-lead singer/songwriter of Marah on April 23, 2006. 17 minutes long.

30 Minute Set from the Blue Highways Festival in Utrecht

A great find here. This is the Marah set from the Blue Highways Festival in Utrecht in the Netherlands on April 22, 2006.

Wish the audio and video source were better, but it is proshot and it is a great set. Hit the Google Video button in the corner to see the show on a larger screen. Enjoy.

"Tyrone" Sighting at the 100 Club in London

The first of 3 songs from Marah's set at the 100 Club in London, England on November 20, 2005. Big thank you to PaulMurff for all this footage, who also did an excellent job filming a Nottingham show that is also on this blog.

I'm running out of videos here Paul. How about hooking us up with some more when you get the chance?

"Nightime" at the 100 Club

Song 2 from the 100 Club in London, England on 11/20/05. Filmed by PaulMurff.

"Price of a Song" at the 100 Club

Song 3 from the 100 Club in London, England on 11/20/05. Filmed by PaulMurff.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

"Tyrone" at SXSW

Wild version of "It's Only Money, Tyrone" at South By Southwest in Austin, TX.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

"Formula Cola, Dollar Draft"

Great video by Monica Bielanko, Serge's better half.

"City of Dreams" in NYC

At Tower Records in New York City on December 5, 2005

"Long Hot Summer" at Schuba's

Great video filmed by SDonkey at Schuba's in Chicago in 2006.

"Reservation Girl"

From the dvd "Sooner or Later in Spain"

"Pigeon Heart"

Live from Irving Plaza in New York City on December 9, 2005. A great song from 2004's "20,000 Streets Under the Sky"

"Barstool Boys"

A classic song from 2000's "Kids in Philly" with a story from Serge. At Mad Planet in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on February 9, 2006.

"City of Dreams"

Excellent video by Serge's wife, Monica Bielanko for another great song from "If You Didn't Laugh, You'd Cry"

"Sooner or Later" in Spain

From the awesome new dvd "Sooner or Later in Spain"

"Tyrone" & "The Apartment" from Drew's House

Nice, slowed down version of "Tyrone." Live from Drew's House in Ringwood, NJ on October 17, 2004.

Here's a video of Serge singing "The Apartment" at Drew's On March 11, 2006. The video is very dark, but the performance is a lot of fun to listen to.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

"Can't Hardly Wait"

Marah, my favorite band of this decade, covering the Replacements, my favorite band of the 80's. It's like peanut butter and chocolate coming together.

From the Abbey Pub in Chicago, February 17, 2005

A full show in Nottingham

Here's a link to watch a full show from Nottingham, England on YouTube. Enjoy.

"Float Away"

Float Away: Reconstructed. A great version from the new dvd "Sooner or Later in Spain" One of the favorite songs ever here:

"Long Hot Summer"

Another one from the new dvd "Sooner or Later in Spain"

"It's Only Money, Tyrone" at Rockpalast

Live from Rockpalast in Germany, OCtober 2006

"The Hustle"

From "A Night of Phidelity" September 9, 2006 in Brooklyn, NY

So What If We're Outta Tune (With the Rest of the World)

Live from Schuba's Tavern in Chicago. July 28, 2006.

"Catfisherman" and "Walt Whitman Bridge"

Proshot from Chicago. Two great Philadelphia songs here.

"This Time"

The bonus track on "If You Didn't Laugh, You'd Cry." At the Abbey Pub in Chicago on February 17, 2006.

"Raise Your Hand" w/ Bruce Springsteen

Dave and Serge singing backup with the Boss and the E Street Band. In Giants Stadium on August 30, 2003.