Saturday, February 24, 2007

"Formula Cola, Dollar Draft"

Great video by Monica Bielanko, Serge's better half.

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Supes said...

This song is from Marah's first album, "Let's Cut the Crap and Hook Up Tonight."

Yes, that is the best name of any album ever. Here's the song:

"Formula Cola, Dollar Draft" by Marah

There was a time when I didn't talk
I'd look away, or I'd shrug it off
Turn it out or turn it off
Or say something short and soft
Out of school I took a J-O-B
Makin' buttons in a factory
Thinking what does life got in for me?
And I didn't wanna know
In a city full of double deals
My boss would yawn and roll back on his heels
Like anyone could cop a feel of lady luck
I was made with my brother Bill
Drinking Muskie Moons on top of Laurel Hill
It's funny now I'd cheek a poison pill to sober up
And no two-bit claim of I'm all right
Is gonna turn around and make it right
So I'm fishing in my pocket for a light
And I'm standin' on the corner on a Saturday night
I seen pigeons flap their filthy wings
To a freezing sunset in the west
Rain shit down from their haunted perch
In the bells above St. Someone's church
The Sexton drinks and dreams in bed
One eye in a line of light
Startled by a ghost he screams his dead
Wife's name into the night
Which echoes down a cobbled hall
Bounces off a gray stone floor
Fired down a line of stairs
Where it's silenced by a door
Beyond which I am leaning, leaning
Watching cars and dreaming
As steam rose 'round my body
Like my soul up to the stars
I guess the devil's had his way with town
No what Willie is in the ground
And I guess the devil made me this
When he gave me no one I can't resist
I got the bill today
Wrote back I moved away
They called me up to say
I'm still here
So on the 5th day of the 5th month
At 5 o'clock in the dawn
I rolled myself in a T-O-P
And jumped out on Highway One
With a 400 engine hot as a cremation coffin
And a tailgate bangin' like an airplane wing
I was rollin' on the highway doing it my way
Whistling "Someday" and singing this song

I'm thinking tonight of my blue eyes
Concerning the Great Speckled Bird
I didn't know God made Honky-Tonk Angels
And went back to the Wild Side of Life
I did some checking about the song at the end of this that Serge sings, and it turns out was a hit in 1952 for Kitty Wells called "It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels." This is also referenced at the end of David Allen Coe's song "If That Ain't Country"

So now I need to buy some Kitty Wells and David Allen Coe stuff. It never ends...'t_God_Who_Made_Honky_Tonk_Angels