Sunday, June 10, 2007

9/28/05 - Full Acoustic Show at the Barfly in London

Marah played an acoustic show w/ just Dave, Serge, and Kirk at The Barfly in London on September 28, 2005. They played 20 songs. Here's the full show:

"It's Only Money Tyrone"

"Pigeon Heart" ... and the kebob story

"City of Dreams"

"Baby Love"


"My Heart is the Bums on the Street"

"Demon of White Sadness"



"Float Away"

"Time Has Told Me"

"For the Price of a Song"

"Round Eye Blues"

"Long Hot Summer"

"Point Breeze"

"Walt Whitman Bridge"

"The Apartment"

"Barstool Boys"

"On the Road Again"

"Faraway You"


Paul Murff said...

Hey, David.... NICE job, man. Looks great when you put it all together, doesn't it? I looked at a couple of these clips again for the first time in ages, and it was a hell of a show: I'm so glad, and so proud, that I was there to document it. Also, much thanks and respect go to Dave, Serge and Kirk for allowing me to shoot the performance. I hope they liked the footage as much as the rest of us...

Keep on posting!

Paul Murff

DavidH said...

Thanks, Paul.

I put the last two videos from this great show into the new Best of post. Check it out.