Monday, April 30, 2007

Marah w/ Nick Hornby in London - 4/06/06

Author Nick Hornby, whose books include High Fidelity and About a Boy among others, toured w/ Marah in 2006. Nick would read some of his prose pieces on music and Marah then kicked out the jams. This is an amazing show from Dingwall's in London, England on April 06, 2006.

Phil Jupitus intro, reading from Nick, then Marah w/ "It's Only Money, Tyrone"

Nick's essay on The Faces (one of my favorite bands ever) & Marah plays "Debris"

Nick on Bob Marley & Marah plays "Thank You Lord"

Nick on The Clash & Marah plays "Lost in the Supermarket"

Nick on Marah, who then play "Limb" & "Demon of White Sadness"

"Point Breeze" & "The Apartment"

"Sooner or Later"

"Float Away" and "Roundeye Blues"


milo said...

Rory Gallagher was a great guitarist! Any chance you know where I could get a copy of Nick's essay on Rory for my fansite?


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