Saturday, April 28, 2007

Valencia, Spain - 3/09/07 - Entire Show

PaulMurff filmed an entire show from the band in Valencia, Spain on March 9. 2007.

"It's Only Money, Tyrone" and "East"

"Demon of White Sadness" and "Barstool Boys"

"This Time" and "Catfisherman"

"Dishwasher's Dream"

"Roundeye Blues" and "Sooner or Later"

"Feather Boa" and "City of Dreams"

"Poor People" and "Why Independent Record Stores Fail"

"Pizzeria," "My Heart is the Bums on the Street," and "Walt Whitman Bridge"


"The Apartment"

"Do You Wanna Dance?" & "Point Breeze"

"The Closer"

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